Volunteer Information

Camp DayDreams is our Volunteer Staff!

Camp DayDreams greatest resource is our Volunteers.  An enjoyment for being with children is the only thing you must have to volunteer at Camp DayDreams.  We will train you in everything you need to care for our campers.  Among our Volunteers we have both trained childcare workers and those who have no formal experience working with children.  Our Volunteers range in age from 16-75 and everything in between.  Below are the documents necessary to become a Camp DayDreams Volunteer.

Volunteer Application

You MUST complete our volunteer application including a health form, and return it to Camp DayDreams.  We are happy to help you with this process.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Camp DayDreams office by phone or through email.  See Contact Us page for details.  We are excited that you have an interest in volunteering at Camp DayDreams!  The most important gift you can give our children is YOU-yourself and your time.  We look forward to seeing you learn, laugh, and play with the children of Camp DayDreams.


All volunteer forms can be found on the Volunteer Forms page.  To access this page, please click here.

What to bring and Emergency Contact Information

Below is a list of what the volunteer staff should bring to Camp for their 8 day stay.  Also, an Emergency Contact Information sheet is provided in case your parent or guardian would like one.  Please click on the link below and either save the document or print a copy.

What to Bring to Camp-list

Emergency Contact Information

Directions to Camp Cutler

Click on the black pinpoint and  it will redirect you to the Google maps page where you can put in your location information and get directions to camp.