Dreamweaver Train

The Dreamweaver Train

Camp DayDreams wants YOU to join the journey for our children!

Membership cost is $18.61 per month

(1861-the year summer camping started in the USA)

By purchasing a golden ticket and becoming a DREAMWEAVER member you will be helping send urban youth to our overnight summer camp!

A BIG Thank You to our current train riders:

Ed & Maureen Shaw - September 22

Ellen Volpe & JohnnyMac - March 16

Jim & Laura McIntyre - January 2

Jeanne (Catherine) White - November 22

If you would like to join these other riders on the Dreamweaver Train, please click on the image of the flyer to download the form and send it or bring it in with your information.

You now have the chance to purchase your own GOLDEN TICKET and climb aboard the DREAMWEAVER TRAIN.  When you purchase your Golden Ticket for the DREAMWEAVER Train, you can pick your very own DREAMWEAVER Date - you will own that date as long as you are a DREAMWEAVER member! It will be your day in the Camp Day Dreams family and on that day we will be celebrating YOU!